Conarem – South America

In November 1998, the representative organizations of the engine grinding sector created the CONAREM – National Council of Engine Grinding , a body of national representation, bringing together in its body the leadership of this segment, which, together, will lead to actions in synergy. , developing and strengthening our companies.

After an in-depth analysis of our industry, we conclude that we need to promote institutional change actions and our ability to constantly adapt to the market, creating a stable outlook with characteristics of continuous improvement and prospects for a promising future.

CONAREM is a representation and services entity run by rectifying entrepreneurs and represented in the main regions of the country. Having access to insider information, characteristic of this type of organization, we will create a true knowledge management and its applications. We have tools to disseminate them through the Internet at the homepage: , from our Dyke-Free Contact Form 0800 554477 and by the entities that represent us.

The Brazilian rectifier has to offer better services, incorporate the quality of service and the final product adding value to its business, to be recognized for its importance in maintaining the national circulating fleet. To strengthen the sector and improve the balance of our companies, We have adopted a nationwide program that aims to provide our customers with safety, quality and total satisfaction for the services provided by engine manufacturers.

Through the formation of a standardized network throughout the country, we will be recognized for the image, the volume of services provided and above all for the seriousness of attitudes towards our partners. As a block we will form a unique architecture worldwide and create a structure that coordinates the management of strategic programs, capturing knowledge and transforming them into corporate actions that benefit the good companies in the sector.

The entrepreneur of the future has to reconfigure his company, cannot act in a fragmented way. Vision is not enough, it needs an adaptive organization that delivers effective performance in its processes. As CONAREM is a national forum of industry leaders, we will be capturing information all the time. United will permanently promote tactical and strategic discussions, disseminating the result to the members of this network.

The National Guarantee Program is the first strategic step. Through it we will be getting to know the companies, registering them for their specialties and creating a relationship of trust and partnership.

We believe that we may soon be reaping good results by forming a motor grinding network. Believe and contribute to the construction of this new phase of the sector.